Welcome to the Westerville Symphony!

As we enter our 35th season here at the Westerville Symphony, we want to take some time to share with our new patrons and followers who we are and what’s on the horizon for the coming season.

For those of you reading who are familiar with the Westerville Symphony’s history, we are grateful that you have been a part of our journey. For those who are new to the Westerville Symphony, we are delighted that you are interested in learning more about who we are!

Who we are:

Simply put, the Westerville Symphony has a long history of music, collaboration, and community engagement that was started in 1983. The Westerville Symphony brings together over 80 professional musicians, semi-professional musicians, and orchestra students at Otterbein University.

Throughout the year, we have a number of exciting events including our Sounds of Freedom, Sounds of Summer, and Sounds of the Season community concerts. We also are thrilled to host Masterworks concerts three times a year. These unique symphonic programs are designed to inspire admiration for great standards of the classical repertoire.

Why we’re different:

The Westerville Symphony at Otterbein University provides exemplary symphonic performances to audiences in central Ohio, and music education in Westerville and surrounding communities. We are different than other symphonic organizations in Central Ohio through our unique collaboration between faculty, students, and professional musicians. The Westerville Symphony is partnered with Otterbein University in order to provide first class symphonic performances to the public all the while training the next generation of orchestral musicians.

In addition to our symphonic performances and community concerts, we also organize fun, community-centered events such as Tunes & Tales, the annual Beethoven 5k, and the Westerville Community Bowl-A-Thon. These events draw in new and diverse audiences and inspire an appreciation and engagement with symphonic music.

About the blog:

We hope that this blog will provide a new opportunity for our patrons and other community members to stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings at the Westerville Symphony. Additionally, we hope to give you a look into the inner workings of the Symphony and help you get to know the talented musicians, board members, and staff that make us who we are. Stay tuned for more updates and thanks for reading!

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