Meet our Summer Fellow, Kelsie Fields!

This summer, the Westerville Symphony is participating in The Columbus Foundation’s Summer Fellowship Program, and we want to take this opportunity to introduce you to our fellow, Kelsie Fields! The Fellowship Program places accepted students with various local nonprofits to design and complete projects for their respective organizations. Kelsie will specifically be working on the Beethoven 5k this summer and leading the marketing, planning, and development efforts related to the event.

Kelsie is a recent graduate from Ohio State who studied International Development, Italian, and Nonprofit Organizations. She is passionate about international issues and enjoys connecting people to meaningful experiences. We asked her a few questions to help you get to know her better, which you can read below:


Westerville Symphony: So, Kelsie–do you play any instruments?

Kelsie Fields: Well, no, actually. I have taught myself a few instruments here and there, but I don’t really play anymore. I do love music, though! Especially singer-songwriter music.

WS: What are your goals for this fellowship?

KF: I hope to use these 10 weeks to really refine some raw skills I have pertaining to nonprofit work, such as graphic and web design and donor relations and stewardship.

WS: How does this fellowship at the Westerville Symphony tie into your career goals?

KF: This fellowship relates to my career goals in many ways. For starters, I am working with The Columbus Foundation, and looking to the future. I see myself working at a large foundation, so all that I am learning from the foundation will be especially relevant. Additionally, I am learning specific skills from Sean, the Executive Director, that I will be able to use at any nonprofit I work for in the future, no matter the field.

WS: What is your favorite thing about Columbus?

KF: Tough question! Columbus is such a special place because it has so much to offer to anyone that is open to exploring. The community here is thriving, and it exists somewhat independently from the Ohio State scene. It’s not a college town, and I really love that about Columbus.

WS: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

KF: I am really looking forward to the Sounds of Freedom concert next week because I have never experienced the symphony outdoors, and I am excited to learn more about what exactly goes into an orchestral performance!


If you’re interested in following along with Kelsie’s and the fellows’ projects over the next 7 weeks, check out The Columbus Foundation fellows blog!


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